Treasure hunting - Part 1

Image from  boardgamequest .

Image from boardgamequest.

Treasure hunting is fun. It's playful. It's adventurous. And by doing it you will realize that reality is indeed broken. It's exciting. By searching for treasure, and enchanting for it to come to you, you are not only liberating yourself (by making you financially able) but you are also growing as a person and as a mage. For this to work you need to work on yourself as well as doing the enchantments. That is the key.

For this to work you will have to learn to temper what is called your Lust for Results. Many have written about it before, but basically, the more you yearn for a result, the less the magic will work towards that end. Your lust is actually creating interference. That is why when we have made a sigil and activated it - we leave it behind and forget about it. We forget about our lust for the desired outcome - even though the outcome was the whole reason for doing the sigil to begin with. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but it is true. The more you desire an outcome, the further away from you it will be.

Being comfortable with wealth

First of all, you need to learn to be comfortable with wealth. Specifically, you need to learn to be comfortable with money. And having a lot of it. If you are not comfortable with it, you will actively (and subconsciously) reject it. Every single time. How could you properly work with money magic if your subconscious is already rejecting it? At best you would get mixed results. At worst you would find your money being pulled away from you!

Most of us are not comfortable with a lot of money. We think we want it. We are taught to desire it and want more of it. Yet wanting it is something ugly. It's something that we shouldn't talk about (especially not about making money with the help of magic). And when we do have have it we have no idea what to do with it.

Having a lot of money changes our lives, in that we suddenly have to rearrange our priorities. And we think that having a lot of money is something bad. People get rich by taking advantage of others, and we don't want to do that. So we reject wealth. Because we don't want to take advantage of others. We are nice people, after all. Right? Money makes us feel uncomfortable. But this is only a selected truth. In fact, money is nothing at all. Basically it's a concept - an idea. Actually it's a currency.

We stopped using real money a long time ago. Money is an illusion that we are all perpetuating, and by putting so much value into having it we make ourselves crazy. It becomes something we need. And when we receive large amounts for practically nothing - we become uneasy.

"Why should I have all this wealth? I haven't worked hard for it…"

Well, either you believe you are worth it, and you are. Or you don't believe you are worth it, and you aren’t. It's really that simple.

An excerpt from the Magickal Cashbook adressing the issue:

Magick gives you the choice to increase your level of income, and there is no universal force that will take it away from you. You need to feel comfortable with money, and avoid feeling guilty about money magick. Make sure you’re relaxed about having more than you have now. If you resent other people making money, or feel that money is evil or the cause of all the world’s ills, it will be much harder for you to welcome money. The more you can see money as an opportunity for pleasure, sharing, satisfaction and freedom, the easier it will come to you.

Some would say that using magic for attracting money is greedy, evil, and that if it comes from somewhere, someone else is losing it. It's not a sum-zero game. The banks can create more money (currency) with just a push of a button. And money magic is free, and most of all, equally accessible to all who is ready to try it. So why should you feel bad for it? Stop it. Just stop. If you are still considering being rich as something bad I just want you to ponder on this idea about "rich" people from Steve Pavlina:

Rich people are empowered
Rich people are in a position to give back to their community
Rich people can provide employment for others
Rich people get to experience all that life has to offer
Rich people aren’t as stressed about their basic survival
Rich people get to travel and enjoy seeing the world
Rich people get a chance to meet people in other countries
Rich people can help others

So in attracting more wealth, you can do all this and more. And it is your responsibility to do so as well, because you are able to!

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility as a conscious being and as a magician (and especially as a chaos mage) to take charge of your life and assume the mantle of leadership for yourself. No one is going to hand you a silver spoon any time soon. You will have to make it yourself. What I am trying to say is that no one else is going to make you financially literate, and no one is going to ease your financial burdens. Only you can do that. And as a pursuer of knowledge, it is your responsibility to do just that.

Ignoring this and choosing to remain oblivious is your choice of course, but the responsibility is still yours no matter what. A magician that's poor is a rather poor magician. (It's a bad pun, I know, but I wanted to really drive the point). If you are uncertain on how to get started, at least decide for yourself to lean into it. Soon enough you've read enough to feel confident about assuming the responsibility.

One could argue that working towards riches is materialistic and diminishing of your spiritual development. I'd rather say that the opposite is true. In the pursuit of financial freedom you don't have to work to make riches for someone else while you only get bit's and pieces. That's just not intelligent when you have other options. And calling on some sort of moral high ground is just irresponsible. While it is true that living a life centered around materialistic ideals will diminish you as an intelligent human and spiritual being - being wealthy has nothing to do with it! What's more, developing your magical skills to attract wealth will actually allow you to grow both personally and spiritually! This is because the personal growth is paramount for the magic to work.


Intuitive nudge ←→ Lust for results

Magic is tricky. It is as much having your surroundings re-arranged to your benefit as it is in moving you to action. I usually recognize this "call to action" as a gentle and intuitive "nudge."

And I admit, sometimes I confuse this nudge with the lust for results instead, and the trick is to recognize which is which. Are you lusting for the results, or did you actually have a nudge? You will have to test for yourself and see where your "golden spot" is - where you can recognize the nudges from the lust. Whenever you feel lust, you should postpone any action until you feel what you can identify as a "nudge" instead. It's tricky, but with some training I believe that you can do it. I did, after all.

Whenever I tried to "test" this it wouldn't work. I would fail. And the reason, I believe, is that in testing I am indeed lusting for results. I want to see if it works this time. Or I want to see how far I can push this. The yearning for results...

In contrast, when I've done this from a state of "Void", that is without desire of the outcome, I receive wealth. Almost all the time. And as long as I keep that curious disinterest in the outcome I will win. Even if I've previously enchanted for the results with i.e. sigilizations or petitions to various spirits - the moment I feel that I desire results is the time to stop, and go about doing something else. It may be that I get another nudge that day and I might attempt it again. But if I don't, it's better to wait to the next day and see if you get a nudge then. It's better to wait for your intuitive signal, than trying to force the results into being.

If you force it you will only get failed results, and you will become frustrated and desperate, and you will yearn for results even more, which in turn will tune you out of your intuitive sensitivity. That in turn will diminish the strength of your nudges and you won't be feeling them as often or as strongly, and they will be easier to confuse for lust of results.

What you will want to do is to disconnect yourself from the feeling of needing money (or wealth, or treasure…). This can be difficult if you are in a pinch. But remember - it's better not to do magic, than to do it out of desperation. Desperation magic almost always backfires, and it will in fact increase the state of which you are already in. Desperate money magic have a devilish tendency to pull money away from you. I don't know why, but that's what happened for me every time I tried. It was only when I let go if it that money actually started to flow back to me.


What to do with the Lust for Results?

Feel gratitude. Feel gratitude that you have already done something about it. You've already taken care of it! Feel gratitude for what you have, because you do have wealth in your life, and nothing fuels magic like the emotion of gratitude. And be at ease in knowing that what you have asked for is already in the creation. It's already on its way to you - you are just not seeing it yet!

I find the way that Damon Brand (Gallery of Magick) talks about handling the lust for result is spot on, and it's not just about the attraction of wealth and treasures - this goes for all kinds of enchantments! From the Magickal Cashbook:

Lust for result is a challenge, but there is no need to pretend you have no desire. Here is a way to beat your lust for result. Every time you remember your magick or the result you want, feel glad that you remembered, and imagine how good it will feel when the magickal result comes to pass. Imagine that the result has already happened, and that you feel relief. That’s all there is to it. […] When your desire comes into your mind, let yourself feel relief, as though you already have what you want. That defuses the lust.

Magic and the Law of Attraction

Basically, they are the same. One could argue that the law of attraction is a form of magic. Or an expression of it. Or a mechanic. We ask for something - and we receive it. Now we ask for things in many different ways in many different languages and magical techs, but we still ask.

When we do sigilization, or petitions, or visualizations, or whatever we do, we are asking the universe to, somehow, whenhow, deliver it to us. This could be compared to what is popularly known as the "Law of Attraction." Joss Conlon has written an excellent series of books on what he calls "Universal Magic" - that is, the law of attraction as he's come to know it. I dearly recommend reading his books as they will help you understand the law of attraction better, and help you in attracting treasure (and other wealth). Start with his first book in the series: Harnessing the Magic of the Universe and then continue with Boosting the Magic of the Universe and Money and the Magic of the Universe - which will help compound your results when combined with to your other magic!

So, how has this worked for me?

I'll be honest with you. I gamble. Not a lot. I have a bar of about 8$ per week, so it's not like I will go broke from it or become obsessed with it. But it allows me to play with and have fun with it.

So, what I do is that I use an app where I can purchase scratch lottery tickets, and I can select one between 1-31 by scrolling sideways. So, I first scroll one way, and the instant I feel a "nudge" I stop. Now as I feel this nudge I've come to learn that (at least for me) it comes with some latency, so it's not the ticket that I actually stopped by that is the winning one. So I scroll back for a bit until I feel the nudge again. Knowing it's not entirely accurate, I scroll either way between the two "nudges", and eventually I will land between two tickets, and I will let intuition guide me as to which one to take. And usually, if I've diminished my lust for results when doing this, I win.

Now, I only do this when I first either receive inspiration to do this, which I call the nudge. Only then does it work. When and if I do this from desiring the results, I lose. Every time.

I've not become a millionaire, obviously. Those wins I've had have been around 10$ each so that private jet will have to wait… But picking out four (or more!) lottery tickets in a row and win - now isn't that magical? What's the statistical probability for that? Now that tells me that there's something in play affecting the probability of the outcome here, and that is exciting.

If I can by nothing but with my intuition, win four times in a row, then imagine what other things is possible! And I am just beginning with this! Imagine if each of those tickets were 100$ instead. Or 1000$. It's not impossible. Now, wouldn't that be magical?

I am still playing around with this, and I am expecting results, even if I don't actively desire them. I simply show up and do the work.

I am also trying to intuitively guess lottery ticket numbers. It has worked to some extent but we'll see how well that goes down the road. I'm still trying to figure that one out...

Wealth - other than money

Money isn't the only kind of wealth there is. In fact, there are so much more. Wealth is a state of being. It's a state of mind. And if you take a look around you, you probably already are wealthy. You just haven't allowed yourself to consider it before. And I prefer using the word wealth instead of rich, simply because wealth encompass so much more than just money.

It helps attracting wealth by already feeling wealthy. Treasure attracts treasure, and in putting yourself in a state of wealth you are not only priming yourself for receiving even more (one could argue that you are telling the universe that you are ready to handle more of it…), but you are also setting prime conditions for your money magic to work.

So what wealth do you already have? Do you have a family? Friends? Do you have an employment? A living space? A transportation vehicle (or access to public transportation)? Do you live in a clean city? Do you have clean clothes? Do you have a working mind? If so then yes, you already are wealthy. You just have to tune yourself into it. And I really recommend that you do. You will feel more at ease not just with yourself and the world, but with working the money magic as well. When you are feeling wealthy from the beginning, you won't be desperate and it will be easier in dissolving your lust for results - which ironically will bring you more results.

So take a look around. What do you have around you that you can feel wealthy about?

If you have no family, job, or live in a poor city, then you can feel wealthy about life. Because you do have a life, and that is the most miraculous and priceless thing that you will ever possess. There is no price tag on your life experience, and just in being alive you are wealthy. You just have to feel it. Feel the sun, the wind, the scents around you! And even if your life sucks, you can still feel love for yourself. And while it may sound cliché - that is indeed the ultimate treasure there is. There is nothing in the world that can measure up to the feeling of loving yourself. You may have behaviors and thought patterns that you aren't satisfied with and you may be making bad choices more or less often… but you can always, any time, choose to love yourself!

One of the easiest ways to tuning in to the wealth around you is the daily practice of meditation. Now if you are a serious mage then you are already meditating daily. If not, then you should, for more reasons than I could argue.

If I can do this, then so can you

I've been working with petitions to Nitika for a while now, from the Gallery of Magick's Magickal Cashbook, as well as doing sigils for accumulating wealth.

When it comes to practicing the occult, I am quite the newbie. What I has going for me is that I have a ridiculously open mind - something which my parents graciously gave me during my upbringing. This has helped me in embracing and accepting all the above, which has made it easier for me to work with it. It has made it easier in undoing my social conditioning and start building (designing) myself instead.

But my point is, I am no expert in this. And If I can do it, then so can you too. Read a few books about it (I really recommend the books from the Gallery of Magick, and Joss Conlon). Lean into it. Play with it. Do not obsess over the results, but rejoice when you have them. Learn to dissolve your lust for results - that will help you in other magical work as well.

And try, try, try. And go all the way. Choose to, at least for a while, to believe that it works. I call this selective belief. You can later discard it if you want, but allow yourself a period of time to do this. Work with it.

And most of all, have fun. Be playful. Finding treasures is an adventure. No one goes dungeon crawling out of desperation. We do it because of the loot, the excitement, and the riches! Treasure hunting is the same.

(And love yourself! That's the greatest wealth you will ever encounter. If you find loving yourself to be difficult, then start by trying to forgive yourself, and then start loving yourself)

Yours truly, in prosperity and chaos.

J.L.R. Kruse