Smashing the dials: Post-ritual of the Blood Moon the 27th

Photo by  Kenrick Mills  on  Unsplash

The most striking thing that happened after the 27th was that the day after...

I was floored.

It was like the worst hangover I've ever had, except for the lack of previous fun and alcohol consumption... I literary slept through the entire day - something that has not happened to me before unless bedridden with sickness. Now I don't know if it was because of the weather, the heat, or if it was a post-ritual exhaustion.. but it was a strange coincidence. The feeling of being hungover stayed with me for two more days...

Now, about the 27th itself. It was a bit frustrating that we haven't had cloudy weather for weeks, and the ONLY night that it actually mattered... was cloudy. it was almost as if the the Blood Moon was veiling itself - shy of of all the attention. Still, I was able to catch sight of it, and it was marvelous. But... I was unable to perform the rituals as mentioned earlier as wanted to, since I couldn't see the moon properly. I decided to postpone them for an hour or so.

To me, the liminality still hung in the air, so it was no big deal that the eclipse itself had passed by the time I performed the rituals. I had still been able to catch the marvelous sight of the Blood Moon, and I was able to find a nice separated forested patch upon a small hill with clear sight of the full moon, so under the circumstances I was satisfied. Although that also meant that due to lack of time I had to omit a few of the rituals, only performing the most important ones. It was a shame, but really no big deal. While it was indeed a wonderful night for magick, the practice itself is an ongoing process - not a one time deal. The relationships with the Daimons are continual - not a one time petition. All that just means that I will simply have to find another date to proceed with the other rituals as intended.

So, while I would have liked to do all of them as I had originally planned, now was simply not the time. And I decided not to feel bad about it. After all, my dialogue and relations with the Daimons and the Infernal Divine are as I said, continual. And there will always be another Blood Moon... In fact the next one will be in January 2019. And what's more, I will have advanced a great deal more in my practice by then, so it's something that I am really looking forward to.

So, post-ritual, we just have to wait and see what happens. I am still expecting that what-the-fuckery to get around soon. I asked Belial, among several others, to more or less help me get my shit together. And I did invoke Oumuamua after all like I had planned to, just like the curious monkey that I am. I am eager to know what will come from all this. Keeping all eyes open, we'll see what will happen... Smashing the dials, someone will answer the call...

And truly, honestly, what could possibly go wrong?


Did you perform any magick on the 27th? How are you feeling now afterwards? And how did the Total Lunar Eclipse affect you?

As always, yours truly.

J.L.R. Kruse