Losing my head

So, this morning I performed the Headless Rite with the Four Kings as outlined by Gordon White, and the Invocation of Belphegore with courtesy of V.K. Jehannum. I had the intention to wake up earlier and perform them before I went to work, but I got up at my regular time. I woke up rested at 6:00. I made myself ready for work, and I still had time. Before I went to the train station I went to a forested area nearby, and performed the Rites. I had no sensation in particular, except the regular shivers related to my other magical  work... and with all the mosquitoes I was a bit unfocused. I had the intention of doing several other rites as well, but I had to postpone them. I made those two above and figured I'll be better prepared next time with some anti-mosquito salve - so that I can proceed with the rites uninterrupted and highly focused. Proper form, and proper respect.

I asked Belphegore to help me find treasure in the soil, the streams, the air, and in the fire. I also asked for help with opening my third eye, to see what cannot be seen, and to help me with raising my energy. I gave him a drop of my blood as tribute, and as thanks, as it should be.

Afterwards I went to the train station. I didn't feel anything really different, except when I was on the train a great sense of calmness enshrouded me, and I did feel the surrounding reality as if it was a little like Jell-O. Pliable. A calm sense of soul sovereignty fell upon me.

Overall the rites went well I think. I think the rum was appreciated, and I know I will have to do it several times more. When it comes to the Kings, persistence and authenticity matters more over perfection. I wasn't as stiff as I were during my first ever rituals, but I was still not entirely relaxed. I will have to remember to make invocations as if I were speaking to a lover - softer, more careful.

I have now performed the Headless Rite. I have now lost my head, and I am invincible. Come what may, I know the mileage may vary - and I will be open to whatever. If nothing happens, then fine. I will do it again, until it does. And if something does happen, well, then it's all good and well, isn't it?

And I will keep pushing the dials.

We will see who will pick up the phone...

Yours truly - in chaos and prosperity.