A burning sensation - opening of third eye?

So, last Sunday (the 29th) during the evening we were casually watching TV, and I suddenly got this sensation of a burning stroking touch on top of my head. It felt like heat, but it was not particularly painful. I got the shivers at the base of my skull - the same shivers that I usually get when things get wyrd. The sensation lasted for maybe half a minute...

Unfamiliar with the sensation I asked a mage colleague who is also clairsentient (but way more experienced), and he said that he had experienced similar sensations, also on top of his head. Opening of chackras can feel like burning - he said...

He also said that that there are also types of 'marking' done by spirits that might feel like that; astral tattoos, protecting sigils, demonic names, and different patterns... And he proposed that it might also have been my third eye that was being opened.

Which is eerily and excitingly weird because... during my rituals of the Blood Moon  I asked both Shax, Belial, and Lilith to help me open my third eye (among other things). And on the day before that I also petitioned Lilith for a spiritual companion - one who could aid me in opening up my third eye and help me further develop my clairsentient abilities. Furthermore I also sent another Letter of Intent that same day to Belial, Flereous, Shax, and Lepaca, asking for help in developing my astral sight.

And ever since that sensation I've felt... liminal... like... I am in between worlds. A most glorious sensation, and one that I have worked hard for, for a very long time to reach.

And it feels like... I've arrived.

At least to a threshold of sort. I know I have a long way to go still, and the process of ascent is never-ending. I still have so much to learn.

With this though, I just feel a sense of ease with everything. Peace of mind. Like I received a clear sign that my messages and petitions had been not only been properly received, but also accepted.

I am curious about what more will come of this. I've been working on developing my intuitive guiding system for a good while now, and also learning to depend more on my clairsentient signals... which can be difficult in a world filled with plenty of distractions and intuition-dampening white noise. And let's not get started on the critics...


A milestone that I am working towards right now is to develop myself as much as possible both as a - at least somewhat - normal individual and as a mage, before the beginning of the Sagittarius Emerald Year, beginning November 9th 2018. I want to have come as far as possible in my own development in order to make the most of the coming year. Developing my magickal abilities and especially opening up my third eye - is two of the most crucial cornerstones for me.

So believe me when I say that experiencing this sensation and then learning what it probably meant... made me really happy. And even now I can feel a constant pressure and tingling sensation around my skull.

Now I just have to keep working it, and learn to recognize these sensations in everyday life.

So, have you opened up your third eye? If so, how did you do it? Did you do it by yourself, or did you get help from someone or something else?

Yours truly, as always - in chaos and weird psychic sensations

J.L.R. Kruse