iAwake Infinity Lambda Brainwave Meditation

From iAwake

From iAwake

So I got this newsletter from iAwake - a business that produces brainwave entrainment tracks. I've listened to some of them and they are really awesome. I am not sure whether they are bineural beats of some sort but... awesome it is. So I got this newsletter with an offer of 20% off from their Infinity tracks:

Infinity is a potent catalyst for spiritual evolution and a groundbreaking leap forward in brainwave entrainment where nothingness and “everythingness” converge into a seamless whole. This revolutionary program guides you into the Lambda state, propelling you to new heights of transcendent consciousness, ineffable stillness, and radiant insight.

Needless to say... I was sold...

Reading about it, and then listening to the samples, I was stuck. I haven't been actively meditating lately, and I will have to resume that. But I will. Just as I just now have done with jogging (I'm not even sore afterwards!). And as iAwake writes on their website... Lambda brainwaves are associated with:

Wholeness & integration
Deep meditation
Accelerated consciousness evolution
A high degree of self-awareness
Out of body experiences
Transcendent spiritual experiences
Bliss & compassion
Highly focused attention coupled with deep stillness

All of which are things that I want. Dearly. And that's not all. The Infinity tracks are designed for:

Unlocking transcendent states of consciousness
Accelerating spiritual evolution
Raising Kundalini and opening/balancing the chakras
Working with internal alchemy and subtle energy
Gaining insight into your true nature
Exploration of the subtle realms of consciousness
Deep rejuvenation in the core of your being
Opening to guidance, wisdom, and intuition

Woah. All of those are on my wish-list. Damn. I really need to get those tracks! It's 45$ plus VAT. If you just glance at it, sure it looks pricey for "just two" meditation tracks. But if you look at what the lambda tracks can trigger then... well... It's not a matter of price anymore. I would pay way more to be able to enter deep meditation. For crying out loud, Masters through the ages have been working harder than we can imagine to reach that state on their own. And here I can get some entrainment tracks to help me with that?

It's not even pricey. In fact I would be willing to circulate waay more money for less. Or... circulate it on doodads and other... well... less useful... stuff.

This feels like a purchase that I can stand for. And I figure that this will not only help me raise Kundalani (!), but it will also help me empty min mind, which will in turn help me with my dream states (lucid dreaming!), evocations, and my astral travel and senses. Indeed, I need these tracks! It's like they came to me during a time where I most needed them.

My mind is blown.

And listening to the samples on soundcloud... something happened. Something weird. I cannot really explain it, but it was like my brain, my mind, reacted to it instantly. That alone tells me that I "must get this".

Aaaand so I did. Just now.

And soon we will be getting our new Kokoon headphones as well. Then I will be able to do all the brainwave entrainments, subliminals, and bineural beats while I sleep.

I'll get right to listening to the tracks, and I'll let you know as soon as I notice any difference!

Yours always,

J.L.R. Kruse