Seven sigil shoals for seven days

First sigil shoal of the week...

First sigil shoal of the week...

So, I've found myself lacking in the intentioning department lately as normal live comes encroaching on my practice, and I have quite the list of sigils statements that need to be turned into sigil-squiggles instead. So, as an impulse I decided that I should make one shoal of sigils a day, for the rest of this week. That means that by the end of the week I will have made some 60 or so sigils, progressing with my intentions by a lot.

Why sigils then?  Well, sigils are tremendously underestimated as a magickal craft. Sigils are in fact one of the most efficient, most easily accessible, and most stealthy tool in your chaosy magickal toolbox. And they work. If you haven't tried it you might not believe it... but if you've tried it like I have, and then experienced the desired outcome not just once, but several times? Then you would believe that too...

Sigils are in fact my primary craft of practical magick - come to think of it - and they are just as much a tool for my own development and learning and discerning what I want, as they are in no less mail-order orders to the universe. And a great deal of the one's I've made have come in effect. Helping a friend get new employment not only once, but twice... Sigilizing for wealth, health, mental clarity... the list goes on. And it all compounds to my concurrent personal development - and works as a metaphysical extension of that same development. I usually do my sigils with a shotgun approach; some might hit the target, and others will not. In the grand design of things it isn't all that relevant, because those that do work will bring me where I want to be in the end anyway. And if I feel for a specific outcome, I'll just make new sigils for it again.

So, anyway. Being the geek that I am I have a list of sigil statements, in MS Excel. Yes, I am an Excel-witch. And the sigil statements of that list are running into the (two)hundreds. What that means is that I need to get my act together and actually make those sigils and get them out there to do the work they are meant to do. Once done I can forget about them as it should be. But if they aren't created they aren't gonna do anything. Which is why I will make one shoal of sigils, every day, for the rest of the week.

If anything, I will have increased my magick and liminality, and I will indeed be closer to my over all goal, AND I will have made a chip in that long list that I just keep adding things to. I just feel it's the right thing to do at the moment.


a few sigil resources

If you ever really want to get serious about making sigils, I dearly recommend a Runesoup Premium membership - which gives you access to Gordon White's fantastic Sigil Course (among others!) Also, the Runesoup community is one of the most amazing online communities that I've come to know. The forum alone is worth the premium membership...

Here are a few other useful resources in regards of creating sigils:

A fast tool to change your statement into a string of capitalized consonants - ready to be signalized for your benefit!

Sigilization by magickal square. Perfect for the quick and tight sigil.

A great site for sigil inspiration. Or for ordering one if you don't feel confident about making your own yet. Also make sure to check out their Creation & Activation if you are uncertain of how to go about beginning to make sigils.

Watch this video with Grant Morrison on Sigil Magick.

Also, take a look at this post where I explain what a sigil shoal is, if you are unfamiliar with the term


What are sigils then, really?

Well, as I think of them, they are some sort of thought-construct-servitors-lite; spirits of their own that you've created by the power of your intention. Those sigils then go out and about, roaming the world, working diligently to bring you whatever it was that you created them for. Delivering your desires is their sole life-purpose, and all that matters to them is to serve you by realizing your intentions. Kinda cute, isn't it?

"All I know is that once I was not, and then you thought me, and then I was. Therefore, of course, I am yours to command."
- Ninereeds (Terry Pratchet - The Color of Magic)

So, in creating sigils, we are in fact actually being a sort of spirit-master, albeit one of only small spirits. But the idea itself when one takes a closer look at it is pretty astonishing; we are, with our minds, creating these sigil-servants to do our bidding, that are without hesitation, and without rest. Now isn't that amazing? Who wouldn't want that?!

So, today I will make the third shoal, and I'll keep making one every day for the rest of the week. With all that's happening lately, things are getting really wyrd. But then again, what could one expect really from practicing magic?

I'll make sure to make a future update on the outcome of this seven-sigil-shoals-for-seven-days-spree.

Weird things will happen, of that I am sure.

As always, yours truly.

J.L.R. Kruse