The Day of The Blood Moon, the 27th of July

Image by Jorge Lopez

Image by Jorge Lopez

Rituals that I will perform today. The Blood Moon begins at 21:30 here in Stockholm. The Maximum Eclipse is around 22:20 to the Southeast. All in all, those rituals, in addition to the Letters of Intent that I sent yesterday, will work to deepen my relation not only with Lilith, but with the other Daimons as well. I will perform the Headless rite, because why not? I will also invoke Oumuamua as I've written about, and I am excited of what may come from that.

To be sure, there will be some what-the-fuckery coming from all this... But honestly, what could possibly go wrong...?

After all, I am asking for change. I am asking for help to change ME. Things are bound to get wyrd. It's what I am asking for. Initially I was going for a shorter list of rituals, but then again, why do it halfheartedly? I figured it would take half an hour or so at first, but now I am going for an entire hour. It's a lot of words to read but, in the words of Charles Bukowski:

"If you’re going to try,
go all the way.
otherwise, don’t even start."

So, here is the list. I've gathered them in an a word document, for easy access on my Technonomicon (yeah, it's a samsung tablet). If you'd like a copy of the document just send me a message (or you could just find most of the rituals by googling their names).

Anyway, here goes:

The Headless Rite
Magickal Hymn to the Infernal Divine
Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft
Invocation of Lepaca
Invocation of Oumuamua
A Ritual to Shax
Ritual to Belial
Invocation of Mephisto
Invocation of Flauros
Invocation of Belphegor
Invocation of Bune
Invocation of Claunech
Invocation of Lucifer
A Ritual to Leviathan
Prayer Rite to Hecate
A Rite to Lilith
A Sacrament to Arachnid Lilith
Prayer for the Guidance of Taninsam
Compendium of Magickal Chants to Lilith
Rite to Lilith and Hecate
Calls to Nyx, Luna, and Hecate
Invocation of Lykania
The Rite of Oneiric Autonomy
The Rite of Solidification
The Rite of the Impregnable
The Ritual of Efflorescence and Insight
The Sinister Rite of Self-Establishment
Poetic prayer to Selene
Orphic Hymns
Incantations of the Marquise (this one is mine, by the way)

There is a great deal of liminality in the air that night. Just like one of my fellow mage colleagues at Runesoup mentioned: 'Great night to reach out and touch those in the "aerial".'

Like always, I am expecting great things from this.

Let me know how the Total Lunar Eclipse affected you.

Yours always,

J.L.R. Kruse