Letters of Intent

So, as a chain of random events and my recent approach of Lilith, wanting to learn all about her that I could, I stumbled upon this forum thread. It's about petitioning her for one of her children as a spiritual companion - which got me intrigued to say the least. Who wouldn't want an astral and spiritual ally standing beside you? One that would help you develop your magickal capacity and capabilities? Oh, I know for sure that I want that...

And it's more than a mere sensual companionship. Being on a metaphysical and spiritual level I think it's even more profound than bonds to other, "real", beings.

After reading some more on this blog about this type of companionship I decided to give it a go, and petition Lilith for one of her children as a companion and ally - one that would keep me company and aid me in my intellectual, esoteric, and spiritual endeavors. I asked for a travel companion for my dreams and astral journeys, helping me achieve lucidity and clarity. Also in being a helping hand in my development of my magickal abilities and senses; opening up my third eye and my clairsentient, claircognizant, and otherworldly abilities. And perhaps even, ultimately, help me bring forward my Demon-Self, and merge with my God-, and Shadow-Self.

With such a friend on the other side, what wouldn't be possible?

I finalized the letter by asking what would be required of me in return, and signed it in blood and with my name. Sangromancy might seem edgy, but it works. The ritual is done by first addressing Lilith, and then by burning the letter from a candlelight during the witching hour (3:00´AM), and then after half an hour or so blow out the candle. I have really no idea of what to expect of this, but since I asked for a longer friendship (life-lasting even) the matchmaking might take some time. I will make an update once things start to move.


A second Letter of Intent

This one I addressed to four of my favorite daimons, namely; Belial, Flereous, Shax, and Lepaca.

Belial is a harsh, no-bullshit, but fair tutor, and I expect nothing but truth from him no matter how painful it might be. Flereous is wonderful for scholarly endeavours, intelligence, change, astral warfare, and to identify one's own weakness. Shax is to help me further opening my third eye, as well as understanding, and the revealing of hidden truths. Lepaca is often called upon to aid the mage in their calling of other spirits, but she also aids the mage to "achieve visions of the past, present, and future". I also called on them to open the Gates and the Bridges. See my Letter below:

To Belial, Flereous, Shax, Lepaca,
Open all the Gates and Bridges.
Help me see what cannot be seen; help me know what cannot be known.
Help me develop my Clairsentient and Claircognizant abilities.
Help me in my pursuit of truth; of understanding the undertows and the secrets of the universe.
Help me rid myself of all my biases and previous conditioning, so that I can finally see.
Help me shear away my weakness in all matters.
Help me generate the strength to see and to pursue the truth in all things.
Help me open the doors and roads that lie ahead of me.
Help me connect with the entities and beings that I need to connect with.
Help me feel at ease with money and all kinds of wealth.
Let me know what is required of me in order to be knighted; to become an Infernal Knight, a Chevalier of the Abyss.
With all things, let me know what is required and expected of me in return.
Signed in blood. Your humble servant.
    - J.L.R. Kruse

So, can other beings be addressed through Letters of Intent?

I have never written a Letter of Intent before, so honestly I don't know. But thinking about it, why wouldn't it?

So I would say - Yes!

Yes you can do this addressing others! In fact I think it's a splendid way to make your intentions and desires clear! And thinking some more about it… by actually composing a letter, written by hand, of what you want would not only make you think carefully of what you truly desire, it starts taking effect the moment you put the pen to the paper. The ritual is more of wrapping it all up, making the request final. The spell itself is already done by the time the letter is written. I am only expecting it to work.

The trick addressing others then, I suppose, is to make the ritual appeasing to whatever spirits or daimons that you are calling for. Belial, for example, likes a blood sacrifice, as do Belphegor. A small droplet will do just fine. Other beings might prefer incense, rum, or some other kind of libation instead. Take a moment to consider what is preferred by the being you are petitioning. It shows that you have proper respect. Now, I don't think that it is absolutely necessary, but it shows that you made an effort - which won't hurt your ambitions, right?

And while I would ask Lilith for one of her children to come to me as a friend and companion, I would ask the other daimons to send their servants to grant me truth or knowledge or power instead. Now the shape of the letter itself I think is less important, as is your style of writing, or how you formulate the requests. What matters is that it's really from the heart, and that it's truly from you - not something that you think you want because someone else gave you that idea. Be genuine in your requests.


Be safe

So, personally I will perform the rituals tonight during the witching hour, outside under the starry sky. Now, something very important during this summer heat is that you do this safely! Do not risk starting a wild fire! What that means is that as you burn the letter (which should not be written on a larger piece of paper than it needs to be) you burn it under controlled circumstances. Do not do it in the woods and be mindful of dry vegetation! The last thing you want to do is to cause is a major forest fire. Just try to explain to the authorities of why you were in the middle of the woods burning a piece of paper, setting shit on fire... And also have a bottle of water at hand, just in case. Or two. You never really know, and pieces of burning paper can fly of into the vegetation. Be practical, and be safe. Or simply do it indoors.


A last note

I am excited about this, to say the least. It may be silly, but it's actually making me a bit giddish. And why wouldn't I be - having just recently learned about what is no less than a direct line to the spirit world?

I will make several other letters as well; to Claunech, Bune, Belphegor for one, and one to a number of Goddesses in true chaos magick spirit; Lilith, Kali, Hecate, Babalon, and Selene.

Now, expanding upon the ideas of those letters, the possibilities are endless! Have a dead relative you'd like to get in touch with? Write him or her a letter! Want to send letters of comfort to your future children? Just write it down and send it away (time is an illusion anyway). Have a being that you've been struggling establishing contact with? Write a letter, addressing why you would like to get in touch. Want to send someone you know a telepathic message, but your psychic abilities are not up to par? Why not write a letter and send it through the ether instead?

Establishing connection to the other world(s) is a difficult task for most. But writing a Letter of Intent is no more difficult than sending an email! Can you see why all this is making me so damnedly childishly excited?

I'll make sure to post an update on the progress, and any further Letters of Intent that I send.

Now, have you ever sent a letter like this? What did you ask for? And did you get an answer? Let me know!

As always, yours truly.

J.L.R. Kruse


PS. By the way, I know Sangromancy isn't really a real word... but it does sound kinda cool and it just rolls of the tounge, doesn't it? ;)