Treasure hunting - Part 2

At the bridge overlooking kungsgatan in central stockholm...

At the bridge overlooking kungsgatan in central stockholm...

It's been a while now since my last post, and that is due largely to some major events in my life. Shortly after my first post about Treasure hunting, we were able to sell our apartment with a great deal of profit, and on a standstill market at that! Not only were we able to find a location that was way better than we had expected, but with the extra cash we were also able to purchase a new vehicle, make renovations (at the new place) and make some other needed (and expensive) purchases. It's curious, how Treasure never comes in ways that you really expect them. But come they do.

And now as the dust have settled after the move, the renovation, and the endless putting together of IKEA-furniture, I now have more time for my esoteric and occult practice. I've decided to up the game a bit in regards of financial matters.

First of is today, which just so happens to be a solar eclipse! And what's with that? Well, Solar eclipses usually marks the beginning of new things. Also, in true chaos magick spirit, according to the Hygromanteia today is a great day "For winning in gambling, in chess and in other games. For luck." What's more the 8th hour of the day is meant for a "Blessed start" - and I felt that there couldn't be a better hour to start this phase two of my treasure hunting adventure.

Also upcoming interesting dates for treasure magick this month would be the 19th which is a good day "for finding treasures in the earth", and the 24th, which is "for the increase of one's property".

I will also make petitions to a number of daimons, primarily good Duke Bune, Clauneck, and Belhegor - all of which are spirits of wealth and treasure, and which have been very receiving and accommodating according to other mages who has worked with them before. Indeed, after a petition I made to Bune a few weeks back, the day after it I barely managed to avoid having to pay the penalty fee for riding the train with an invalid public transit card. I had forgotten to refill it! But for some reason, as the conductor checked my card, he did nothing, and I never received the penalty fee - for reasons that I do not humanly understand. Curious, isn't it?

But the really exciting thing about today is the casting of a sigil shoal that I've prepared - for wealth and prosperity. "What's a sigil shoal?" - you ask. Well, just like a shoal of fishes, a sigil shoal is when you cast a number of sigils made together, usually tied together with what Gordon White calls a "Robofish" - which is essentially a sigil that you know will come true. The robofish is meant to lead the shoal, and having a target it cannot miss, it will also help the other sigils to reach their own targets. Cute, isn't it? (it makes me think that sigils are no less that servitors in their own might, working hard and diligently to reach their goals...)

But that's not all that's exciting. I recently came across Rev. Ike's videos about money on Youtube (I dearly recommend this one and this one) and despite the religious flair to it all, they are very good, and he talks a lot about one's mindset about money - something which we all could use an mental patch/update on. Most of us carry limiting and rejecting beliefs about money and wealth and who's deserving of it, and updating those beliefs to your benefit should be a priority for everyone. What I primarily took from Rev. Ike was this statement:

All of the money I circulate returns to me multiplied in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment (thank God)

Not only is this a golden phrase for a sigil statement for prosperity and wealth, but it is addresses something very important as well. You don't want to spend your money, as in throwing them away. You want your money to come back to you. You want it to circulate! AND you want it to multiply on the way back to you. See why it's such a golden statement? And the "thank God" part is optional. Personally, I thank my god-self instead, but to each their own.

Now for the special twist. I read on an occult forum recently about some voodoo magick about enchanting money, and as you gave it away (that is, circulating it) it came back to you - multiplied. So, as a layered effect I decided to make those sigils on real money, like you can see in the picture above. For simplicity I used the tech of magic squares using this amazing tool. This allows me to make a quick and compact sigil that goes nicely on smaller coins. Like this one for example, made from the above quote from the reverent:

"All of the money I circulate returns to me multiplied in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment"

"All of the money I circulate returns to me multiplied in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment"

So I not only made the sigils for wealth and prosperity, but I also enchanted these coins and left them in town for others to pick up and circulate. And since the sigils were made with a permanent marker, they will stay around for a very long time. I left the coins on the rail of a bridge in central Stockholm, overlooking one of the most heavily trafficked crossroad in the city. Hidden, yet in plain sight. It's a nice location as both crossroads and bridges deal with liminal things and beings, and the buzz and activity around will drive entities of the in-between, helping the sigils along their way. I am expecting great things to come of this.


As an extension of the Treasure hunting adventure, I will also perform the rituals found in Henry Archer's 7 Occult Money Rituals. A great deal of mages have testified to the rituals in this book, and I figured it to be too great an opportunity to pass. The rituals, as described on the book's amazon page, are as follows:

Ritual One is a rejection of personal poverty. If you're in the depths of poverty, you begin to move away from those depths. If you're already doing OK with money, the ritual removes the fear that poverty can ever return.
Ritual Two will remove your financial desperation, to help you allow and attract a new financial future.
Ritual Three removes the blockages that prevent wealth from coming to you.
Ritual Four is a petition for riches, and this is a master working that helps to attract money into your life over the coming year.
Ritual Five is designed to attract a specific sum of money, to solve a problem or fulfill a desire.
Ritual Six increases your wages, or income from business or sales.
Ritual Seven increases your luck in games of chance, including lotteries, card games and any form of gambling.

All in all it covers all you'd need for attracting wealth and money. A great deal of people who are wishing for wealth and prosperity has mental blocks imprinted in them (basically everyone, that is) since early childhood, and it takes focused and conscious effort in dealing with those thoughts and beliefs. Especially the rejection of money. So it's not strange that I am excited about performing these rituals. It's a mental overhaul about one's perception and beliefs about money!

And extending the adventure further, I have a list of more rituals to perform in the name of Wealth and Prosperity, which I will cover in Part 3 - as I need some time to get through all that.

Oh, and I also got David Rankine's Book of Treasure Spirits a good while ago. I will be covering that more as well in the next treasure hunting update.

I hope this gives you some more ideas about how to attract wealth. Know that wealth isn't just money, and it manifests in all kinds of crazy ways. Just be open minded, trust your intuition, and don't spend your money - circulate it! Expect it to come back! And remember - have fun with it! Nothing kills money-magick like a mindset of desperation.

Be playful!


Yours truly, as always - in Wealth and Prosperity

J.L.R. Kruse


PS. I just love how I am referring to a Christian reverent who is clearly opposed to any kind of witchcraft. How exciting isn't that? Especially how I am using his quote for my practice! And also, if he only knew that the Law of Attraction he so dearly promoets is truly occult in its Hermetic origins... Heh, makes me chuckle. Ah well. As above, so below, and so on…