The Lust for Results

Photo by  Matthew Henry  on  Unsplash

I like to call it "desperation magic". It never works. Or rather, it does work. Only not like you wanted it to. In fact, it works just the opposite of what you wanted. When you are practicing magic out the Lust for Results you are actually doing it out of desperation, and you are in truth pushing away that which you want to attract.

For instance, if you are doing money magic out of desperation, you will probably soon find more of your financial resources being drawn away from you. More unexpected bills will drop into your mailbox! More expenses will pile up! All that - while you were already down on your bare knees in the dirt. How can you handle additional expenses if you can't handle the ones you already have?! Magic is ironic like that. Almost as if you want it so desperately, you are not worthy of having it, or something like that.

If you are desperate for the results, they shy away from you. It is best to let go of the desire for the outcome… But how do you do that? Aren't we practicing magic to get results? Well yes. But there is a difference - and it makes all the difference.


The results we desire...

The way I see it, there are two important factors here. First of all there's your intent. What do you want to create? You need to really know what it is that you want to be able to reach for it. If you have mixed feelings, desires, and emotions toward your intent, you are making a mixed bowl and it's not going to taste well. I'll talk more about this further down.

The second important factor is to empty your mind. As you do this you are hollowing out any lust for result, and so you are removing the fuel for that feeling of desperation. You might really be in a pinch, but with an empty mind you are not in that state of desperation - and you can work the magic properly. Some call this mental state of an empty mind for "void" for all the obvious reasons.

My two favorite ways to empty my mind is through daily meditation, and practicing "Image Cycling" as Bengtson talk about in his book The Energy Cure. The book itself is about hands-on energy healing, but I've found that Image Cycling is an excellent method to silence your mind on a deep level - any time during the day. For instance - Gordon White talks about a slightly simpler way of image cycling in conjunction with sigilization - which I've found to be very effective! Another great way to empty your mind is to summon up an emotional state of gratitude.

When you are feeling grateful for all the things in your life, no matter how small or how little it may be, it is difficult to feel desperate. And truth be told, if you are alive, you always have something you can feel grateful for.

Lust for results and the Law of Attraction

There has been a lot of hype around the law of attraction. A lot. And that has brought a lot of criticism as well. And I get it. It doesn't work, So all those books and blogs and movies on the subject are no more than... humbug and charlatan rantings, right?


At least, it's wrong from my perspective and experience. But the way people talk about it is not the entire truth either, because most people who talk and write about the law of attraction are missing out on one very subtle yet oh so critical component, namely The Lust for Results.

The very desire for an outcome shifts your subconscious thought (unconscious?) into focusing on the reason for you wanting that specific results (that is - the lack of that specific results). So you are guiding your mind to think of what you... lack. And since the thought of lack is your (unintentional) focus, then that is exactly what you create. In your attempt to focus on what you want you are in truth actually focusing on what you don't want!

That, is what I believe is the reason why most people never get the law of attraction to actually really work as it is supposed to. Because people, while believing they are doing it right, are actually focusing on their lack of results, and hence are creating (attracting?) more of it!

And what's more, most of us are socially conditioned to focus on what we don't have. We are taught to desire, to want more. And we are taught to focus on the things that we do not have! We look at our idols and are told that "this is what you should have" or "this is the kind of life you should lead". We are taught to be ashamed of the things that we do not have (that we see other having), and we are taught to look down on those who has less than us.

No wonder people are miserable. And no wonder people are struggling with not only the law of attraction, but with magic in itself - because what you focus on, you create. How can you hollow out the desire to have more, when everywhere you turn you are told that wanting more and having more is the only thing socially acceptable? Furthermore, most people never train themselves to temper their own emotions and desires... simply because most people are not aware that it is possible!


Materialistic ideals

I am not saying that you shouldn't be wanting more. On the contrary, I want you to have everything you desire! But the road there is not a straight path, and in getting there, the importance of materialistic possession and treasure will with time fade.

In fact, in pursuing the magical path of getting more, the "stuff" will not be as important as the person you have to become to get there. I don't know how many articles I've read about millionaires talking about how the money itself is not the important part of their lives, but the person they had to become to get there is. It's not the money you need. Either through conventional or magical means, it is the person that can create such wealth that you need to become. That is the only ideal that you should care about in this regard.

Aim for the stuff - shoot for the person (that you want and need to become!!!)

Another important aspect of becoming the kind of person who accumulates that kind of wealth is that the person you are right now is probably not really comfortable with having a lot of money. Most of us freak out when we really, deep down, consider what we would actually do with great wealth. The truth is, while most of us has some vague idea of what we'd like to do, most of us has no clue when it comes down to the specifics. This in turn actually works to reject wealth and is, I believe, one of the reasons most of us never endeavor to become truly wealthy.


Clear intent

Knowing what you really want is tricky. Very tricky. And it takes a lot of both mental and emotional effort to pile through all the static, and most of us is just trying to get through the daily routine and make it all work. The puzzle of life is demanding at times, but if you have no direction, how would you possibly be able to get anywhere else in your life?

Again, the Image Cycling method of Mr Bengtson tells you to write down 20 things you want. They can be anything, and no one is going to know (or judge) so it can really be anything; stuff you want, places to go, traits you'd like to have have. Whatever you want, you write it down. This gives you a list of the 20 things you want most in life at this moment. This list will change in time, and that is as it should be. Practicing the cycling (for no other reason than just doing it) brings what you want from life to the fore front of your mind, and the "cycling" is like thinking about them without the emotional attachment to the outcome of it. It makes you conscious about the items on your list without lusting for the results, and your subconscious will help you find ways to get closer to them, one way or another.

Another very clever and simple way to discover what you want is through sigilization. You won't be making sigils for every little silly thing you want, but you will do them for the things that really matter to you, and doing sigils on a regular basis forces you to think about these things at least somewhat regularly. It forces you to focus on the things that you do want. Also, since when creating a sigil we are exclusively focusing on the specific result, sigils can be perceived as creative affirmations without the subconscious duality of it’s negative counterpart… It doesn't even have to be magical!

Yet another way is to sit down (quietly, on your own) and write a list of things you want from life, and not stopping no matter what until you cry. Yes, that's it. Until you cry. Why? Because then you've reached as deep down into your deepest desires as you can go, and from that you can forge a clear intent. You will be wanting to get up and do something else while doing this. Suddenly all kinds things will become so important that you just have to do them right now. It is uncomfortable and very unsettling, but I urge you to sit down until you get that emotional up-welling. If you go through it all the way, the emotional relief at the end is... amazing. And you will know exactly what you want from life. Try it.

There are many other techniques out there to help you find out what it is that you do want, so that you can shape a clear intent from it, and I really suggest that you look into it to find a way that works well for you. A great book on the subject I recommend is Simon Sinek's Start with why. It's a read you won't regret.


The trickster in your backpack

I talk a bit about the lust for result in this post and it is indeed a tricky little bastard. You want something. You desire something, yet you need to empty yourself of that exact desire in order to have it? How do you do that?

First of, one important thing to learn for yourself is to feel the difference of your intuitive intelligent self nudging you in a direction, versus the lust for the results. Those two are very similar, and it's sometimes difficult to discern the two. I have trouble with this as well. Fortunately, I know that I simply have to let it go when it's not working out, and to do it later.

If you suspect that you are doing something (like a magic ritual) because you are desperate for that specific results, perhaps you would be better of postponing it for a while as you empty your mind instead (in your preferred way) or perhaps even postpone the ritual to another day entirely.

Secondly, whenever you desire for specific outcomes comes crawling out of your proverbial backpack, the best way to battle it is to try to empty your mind, and to summon up a feeling of gratitude. Feel grateful for both the things you already have, that you have done the work (or at least taken steps towards) to get what you want, and finally feel grateful for the things that the universe are arranging to bring to your doorstep.

Whenever you remember a result you want to achieve, be grateful for remembering it, and then let it go knowing that you've already done the work to bring it into your life. Be patient, and know that it will come. You are just not seeing it yet.



Being caught up in the lust for desire is like being caught in the eye of the storm. You won't perhaps feel the direct effect of it, but you sure damn ain't getting anywhere, your sight is limited, and all around the storm rages on relentlessly. Life feels just like that sometimes, and you just want to get out of it.

When you have crisp and clear intent and your mind is empty, practicing magic will be a lot easier. In fact, life will be a lot easier, whether or not you are doing any kind of occult practice. You will be a lot calmer, and you will be better armed to deal with tough situations because you know what you want and you know what really matters to you. You will have better mental fortitude because practicing having an empty mind makes you more resilient to all kinds of interference and outside influences. You will be more centered within yourself, your focus will be more on the actual things and results you want to achieve, than the lack of them.

And you will be more focused on what you truly want.

Also, remember that the results can come in any possible way, not just the ones you first thought of. Ready yourself to receive them in whatever fashion they come to you. And don't beat yourself up if you find yourself lusting for a results. It's just a human thing. Let it go for now, and try again later.

Yours always - in prosperity, and in chaos.

J.L.R. Kruse