Campaigns for 2018

Photo by  Jakub Gorajek  on  Unsplash

So, there are a few things I want to achieve this year, and I figured for accountability I should launch a campaign for each of these things, to really mark how important these are to me. I believe that these campaigns and their results are paramount to my further development, not only as a mage or sorceress, but also as a spiritual entity, and a fellow human being.

The first campaign I want to launch is to consciously trigger lucid dreaming again. It's been a while now and I am indeed a bit rusty, and before I was just playing around... When doing this now I will have a purpose, and thus also access to a greater spiritual and intellectual arsenal. I will not only reach a deeper understanding of the universe, but deepen my magic as well (since it will be closer to the source). Through lucid dreaming I will learn more bout the source, as well as to learn about evil, and to receive tutelage from all kinds of Others. Also, I will be able to go to her in an effort to heal her. I will be able to trigger lucidity, if not every night, then at least every other night. I am on day 52 of consecutive dream recall, which is amazing in and of itself. But this gives rise to the question: why shouldn't I be able to trigger lucidity every night? I don't see why. Really, as long as I create an effective enough trigger (or several) then I should be able to do just that.

Which brings me to my second campaign. Healing. More specifically, healing her. She suffers so much, and my heart cannot bear it. She has so much to live for, and with no effective western medical treatment at the moment - extraordinary measures are required. Which is why I will tell myself that "My hands have the power of healing". I will practice and learn about energy healing, and I will find her in my lucid dreams, and I will heal her. Her mind, brain, body, cells. All of it. I will pour all of my compassion into her. At the very least, I will try. No idea if it would really work but.. I have to try to know, right?

I will be honest with you. I have never before in my life ever considered the notion of "healing" to be something real. To me it was simply another form of humbug that charlatans did. But given the events of the past years... I've come to believe that maybe there is something to it after all. All I know though, is that I am prepared to try it. And if I am about to try it, I will go all the way.

For this purpose I've ordered The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing by William Bengston. I've heard about him before, and as Mr. White recommended the book I acted on the impulse and bought it. I will also learn about reiki and other forms of healing and see how that works out. I will perform healing as I massage hear, but I do know that being closer to the source (through lucid dreaming) and using servitors will yield the better result. I am convinced that Overwhelming Force is the way to go.

My third campaign somewhat correlates to the first two, and that is the creation and use of servitors. For instance, I want to create a servitor that looks after her; one that heals her and mends her, and puts her mind to ease. This servitor will be at the same capacity (or even greater) as I, which is why I need to practice healing as well. I will have one of my servitors attend to her. Furthermore I will create one to search for (and find!) treasure and bring it to me. Another will aid my perception and intelligence, and yet another will boost my confidence, agility and physical and mental fortitude and strength. Another will be my travel companion through the dreams-realms. And perhaps, at a later point, I will create a servitor able to cause harm; nightmares, a broken mind, and lethargy. I will learn every name and capacity of each servitor I create by heart. Other mages may think that using servitors is a kind of low magic, but as far as I am concerned, that all depends on how they are used. And I believe that the efficiency of a servitor depends on the imagination and the capacity of the mage that makes it. And imagine having hundreds of self-made spirits doing your bidding? With such numbers, results will be inevitable (and the results are all that matters, right?). Again, Overwhelming Force is one of the keys.

My fourth campaign, which I believe is dependent on the first and third, is the creation of the Citadel of Apocrypha. My very own mind/astral palace of knowledge; a black library. A place where dreamers, travelers, and Others can come together in their quest for knowledge. A place where people share what they know. Knowledge for knowledge. Or a place simply to calm the mind and find solace. A place where I invite anyone who can become lucid and who seeks answers. Hopefully I will be able to create a global collective of students and teachers who regularly visit the Citadel. Both the construction and the safekeeping of the Citadel will be done by my servitors - so I will have to create both builders, fighters, and librarians, as well as overseers to monitor them.

My fifth campaign would be to go treasure hunting. I've realized that trying to look for wealth from a desperate standpoint will only keep the treasures away. When you are desperate for it, you are not worthy of it - or something like that. I talk from life experience here. When I've been desperate and in a pinch, using magic for accumulation of wealth have actually pulled financial resources away from me! And whenever I let go of the control and let it come in its own time, it did. Odd indeed, but that's how it has worked for me.

This campaign then is not one out of desperation, but rather a continued accumulation of wealth to an already existing treasure hoard (yes, you can call me Smaug). To this end I will perform petitions to Nitika, Sigilization for wealth (I've already had some success with this actually…), creation of Treasure-hunting servitors as mention above (I'm thinking something like the treasure goblins from Diablo III), and Intuitive gambling - which I've also had some (although minor) success with.

The sixth campaign would be the preparation and performance of a self-initiation rite. It's been a long time coming, and I've decided that this year is time to make the shift to make myself myself invincible. I plan to do this through Gordon White's version of The Headless Rite found in The Chaos Protocols. The idea is to perform it in the woods near my current (or my new) home. Since I grew up on the countryside, nature and its spirits has always been close to my heart. I simply figure it is the right thing to do. With this I will be my own master and lord; impervious, fearless, and immortal. 

So, my campaigns for 2018 will be:

  • The (regular) triggering of lucid dreams
  • Attempt at healing
  • Creating working servitors
  • Creating my own astral palace
  • Treasure hunting
  • Self-initiation

With this I will take leaps and bounds in both my personal and occult development. Doing these things will make me my own master, and I will be a Lord of my Own Castle. Having servitors doing my bidding (without pause!), having my own astral palace, being able to travel and roam the dream realms, and having the power to heal others - will truly make me a Wandering Prince. Ambition never killed anyone, right?

Having Mars in my house of privacy and seclusion until the end of January serves me well, as I've just begin learning about these things. I will by the end of the month be able to both create and use working servitors, as well as trigger lucid dreams.

Also, Mars will be in my sign of Sagittarius from January 26th to Mars 17th - which will grant me "the podium, the spotlight, and the microphone, and VIPs will sit up and take notice of all you have to say" (source). Like this, the Others will have no choices but to take notice of me and listen to what I have to say. This goes hand in hand with me also now having started with the weekly prayers (from the sigil course on runesoup). I expect to begin feeling as the other course members have described it; like being a piece on a chessboard being moved around. I am looking forward to it with great expectation.

This year will no doubt be a wild ride, and it will be like nothing I've previously experienced.

Chaos abundant, the rewards will be even greater.

J.L.R. Kruse